We value what we measure.

The Financial Wellbeing Pulse is a simple and easy process to measure your clients’ relationship between money and happiness, and allow you to gather data proving the impact of your advice.

Your Client is invited to take a survey which examines all aspects of their relationship with money, and how it might be improved.

There are four cornerstones to financial wellbeing:

  • What will bring anyone wellbeing
  • What will bring you wellbeing
  • What will reduce anyone’s wellbeing
  • What will reduce your wellbeing

The Pulse takes into account all of these aspects of the relationship between money and happiness to provide a truly rigorous analysis.

A simple and easy process with huge impact.

Step 1: Adviser firm sends the client a unique link

Step 2: Client completes the survey

Step 3: Client gets a score, and a short report

Step 4: Adviser gets a copy

Step 5: Next meeting process is repeated

Step 6: Firm can now show the impact of their advice

The dashboard.

The firm gets a dashboard of data across all clients and all advisers.

This means that the firm can now demonstrate the impact of their advice for Consumer Duty purposes.

The firm can use the data from the dashboard to:

  • Provide the FCA with impact of advice information
  • Market their services (“We increase the financial wellbeing of our clients by an average of x%!”)
  • Identify training needs among advisers
  • Upgrade the quality of consumer outcomes to include wellbeing

The Financial Wellbeing Pulse: helping your clients to be happier, not just wealthier.