Meet the team behind the Financial Wellbeing Pulse.

One of the main features of the Pulse is the academic rigour with which it was developed.

Institute for Financial Wellbeing

Chris Budd was a financial planner and wrote the original Financial Wellbeing Book in 2015, before founding the Institute for Financial Wellbeing in 2019.

The Institute of Financial Wellbeing holds regular events and conferences, plus training courses. The Financial Wellbeing Certificate has helped hundreds of financial advisers refocus their advice to be on helping their clients to be happier, not just wealthier.

Dr Sam Wren-Lewis of The Centre For Thriving Places 

The Centre For Thriving Places  is a not for profit consultancy that supports the delivery of research, training and evidence based measurement tools that put the interests and wellbeing of people, place and planet centre stage.

Dr Sam Wren-Lewis is a writer and philosopher, author of “The Happiness Problem: Expecting Better in an Uncertain World”, and Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University.

Centre for Thriving Places

Dr Thomas Mathar of Aegon

Aegon is an international financial services group offering investment pension and protection products. They are a firm believer in financial wellbeing and a huge supporter of the IFW.

Dr Thomas Mathar is Insight Manager for Aegon UK’s Centre For Behavioural Research, and holds a phd in Social Anthropology.

The Pulse has been developed using the latest knowledge from academic research, psychology, philosophy, and religions.